Ini Edo and colleagues share Carnival outfits (PHOTO)

Ini Edo and colleagues share Carnival outfits (PHOTO)

by AfricanMoviesNews - Posted on January 9, 2014 at 2:58 am

It is not always that celebrities get to hang around with each other after shooting a movie.

In fact, some of them are just colleagues but at each meeting, they make effort to reach out to each other and forge a good relation.

Some of them however hail from the same communities and have intrinsically deep connections that bind them together and the sisterly love is very evident.

In the aftermath of the Calabar festival that happened in the last week of December, Ini Edo, Oge Okoye and Omoni Oboli stayed behind to hang around for a while before going back to their respective destinations. It seems Ini really enjoyed the time together with them and released the picture with the caption “my sisters” to it.

The surely look like sisters don’t you think?

Ini Edo and Oge Okoye

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