Blockbuster movie “The American Mama” set to light up Nollywood (PHOTOS)

Blockbuster movie “The American Mama” set to light up Nollywood (PHOTOS)

by AfricanMoviesNews - Posted on December 7, 2012 at 5:39 am

Best Davis who is known as the sexiest actor in Diaspora and one of the top rated Nollywood actors in the United States of America and a two time Nollywood and African Films Critics Best Actor Awards winner also known as the Denzel Washington of Nollywood features in a male leading role in a movie being shot in Bowie Maryland. It was revealed that the sensational and charismatic actor sealed a deal with Dynamic Torch Productions USA for a huge movie project titled “THE AMERICAN MAMA” a movie project being directed by Nigerian director Obed Joe (DGN) who just graduated from Universal Studios, Hollywood. Playing alongside Best Davis for the African scenes will be Vivian Joe and two other top African based Nollywood super stars, tentatively penciled down for the deal are Patience Ozokwor and Ramsey Noah who all reside in Nigeria. The project is a combination of USA and Nigeria shoot, it is an international movie that will be showing in Nigerian cinemas and the USA theaters.

The movie cuts across different spheres of life as it reveals an inter-twine culture and the cultural differences that exist amongst different races. Best Davis who played the role of “KEN” has been living in the States for years and understands the differences in cultural behavior between the western world and Africa. Being the only son of his parents, he is considered the mama’s boy. He decided to get married to a Caucasian “DEBBY” who was already living with him in the same house. Upon the visit of his mother “THE AMERICAN MAMA” played by Bessy Ikem, trouble arose as she would not let him marry outside African race. Hell was let loosed as his mother brought African culture into his house and found so many reasons to chase Debby out of the house. For the love that exist between Ken and his mother, he decided to bring in an African girl “VIVIAN” played by Binta Goudiaby just to satisfy his mother, yet, she still found fault in Vivian and also chased her out. She insisted that Ken should go home and marry. Coincidentally, Vivian is Ken’s boss’ daughter, not only did American mama chase Ken’s fiancées away, she also caused him to lose his job, his house and his cars, Ken became miserable and poor. American mama did not go free, her troubles caught up with her and was arrested by the police and sent to jail for assault and battery.

The American mama final shoot will be in Nigeria in December and then it will be playing in the cinemas and theaters starting the summer of next year. We will keep you updated on the movie as production unfolds.

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