Mary Uranta gets a new Jeep Wrangler from Beau for birthday

Mary Uranta gets a new Jeep Wrangler from Beau for birthday

by AfricanMoviesNews - Posted on August 16, 2012 at 4:29 pm

The talented Mary Uranta who stormed the movie industry several years ago has kept her profile on the rise with her unique acting skills and very delectable looks. The actress who ranks among the most pretty in the industry, is presently having the best of times as she is enjoying a very affluent lifestyle and successful career at the moment.

Asides the fact that she has been in several movies of late, the talented actress is also enjoying a sizzling and envious romance with her Igbo lover. Her life no doubt took a leap for the better after the said lover came in and started serenading her with love and affection. The romance which kicked off this year, friends close to the beautiful actress swear, has done a whole lot of good to her in many ways. This is because her ever glowing looks seems to have become the criteria for movie producers as she has been hoping from one location to the other this year, starring in so many movies. The actress recently stepped up her game when she was given a surprise car gift from her lover; a silver colored wrangler jeep. She is said to be so happy about this affair that she readily makes it known to anyone who cares to know, the source of her new affluent life style.

The delectable actress also held her birthday party recently and it will be tagged one of the biggest birthday parties of the year as it converged all the movie acts in Nollywood who stormed the bash in a big way. At her early days in the industry Ms.Uranta who is a daughter of an evangelist, felt that she had a name to protect and detested getting involved in anything that will tarnish that name, living up to the billing thus far.

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