Van Vicker and Nadia Buari go at it again

Van Vicker and Nadia Buari go at it again

by AfricanMoviesNews - Posted on September 9, 2011 at 5:19 am

For quite a while, the pair of Nadia Buari and Van Vicker who initially projected the face of the Ghanaian movie industry (Ghallywood) beyond its shores have almost stayed totally apart, pursuing different agendas. Well, that may have just changed and fans of both individuals would soon be seeing them together on the screens courtesy as they are working on titled “Distance.” In commenting about the movie, Nadia had this to say:

“Im very excited to be working with Van again after so many years. As a matter of fact, I love the character and my co actors are very supportive making things a bit easier for me as well.”

“This is the third movie i am producing and directing so far so good. All artistes on set are very cooperative and very glad to be working with Nadia again after three years”. Van echoed.

The movie tells a story about a well educated guy by name papa (Van Vicker) who without any fault of his ended up becoming a sweeper in a well established institution but luck smiled on him when his potential was known by his employee due to some circumstances. Nadia on the other hand played the role of Dainty who had visions and imaginations of her missing sister whom she has never met before but decided to go search for her. Now, the question is, what happened after Dainty came face to face with the sister? What will be the chemistry between both Dainty and Papa as they set eyes on each other?

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