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My daughter would have to kill me to dress like this

News — 08 June 2011
My daughter would have to kill me to dress like this

Having gave birth very early at age 16, Genevieve has done tremendously well in protecting and avoiding any form of intrusion into her personal life. Most of the information that have been available are things she obliged to make public, the extent of which she feels comfortable with. It comes as no coincidence therefore that the news media was all over pictures that emerged on her twitter page about a lady who looked so similar to her and was immediately identified as Genevieve’s daughter due to their marked resemblance. Genevieve however came out to quell all the speculation and stated that the lady was just another fan.

In a tete-a-tete conversation, Genevieve was once again asked about the picture, for which she fondly responded: “It is over my dead body that my 15 year old daughter will dress like that; for a 15 year old to dress like that, she will have to kill me first.”

So it seems apparent that Genevieve’s less explicit nature in the roles is something she enforces at home as well with her daughter. Keep it up!

Genevieve Nnaji