Ini Edo and Oge Okoye fight at movie location

Ini Edo and Oge Okoye fight at movie location

by AfricanMoviesNews - Posted on June 22, 2011 at 3:59 am

Various Nigerian media sources are indicating that actress Ini Edo and Ogo Okeye were involved in a war of words during a movie shoot at the Festac Town in Lagos State, Nigeria. The fight is said to have started after Ini Edo allegedly accused her former best friend and close pal Oge Okoye of keeping tabs on her husband. This accusation it is said, did not go down well with Oge who spontaneously reacted leading to an almost fisticuff between the two.

When the production crew and other members of the movie production on set could amicably settle the issue and get the two persons to get back on with the movie shoot, the producer had to cancel activities for the day to be continued later.

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